Money Saving Tip #1: Write down all of your expenses.  See which expenses can be lessened or eliminated.

Healthy Eating Tip #1: Carry healthy snacks with you for that in between meal hunger.

Workout Tip#1: Make a plan.  If you are new to working out, walking will go a long way. Begin walking for one 1/2 hour each day. 

**See your doctor before you begin any physical activity.


Stress Release Tip #1:  Do not work through your lunch.  Move away from your desk and take a walk.

Health Soldiers are dedicated to health and well being of everyone.   We want you to join us in getting healthy and staying healthy.

We will get healthy together

Community is the way to a fit people

So many people think that all overweight people are overeaters.  This is simply not true.  Their sedentary lifestyles contribute to their weight gain.  Over the course of time, pounds add up.


We believe that by making this a community effort, people will work together towards a common goal. 


Although we will primarily focus on obesity and the diseases related to it, we will provide other information as it comes available.


Smoking for example will be covered periodically.  Only because Not smoking is the one and only  answer to  smoking.  We will  discuss different tactics that people use  to quit.  But in general, this will not be our focus